GDPR Adria Sup Challenge

All personal data provided by the participant will only be collected, processed and used within the framework of the applicable data protection laws and only for purposes that result from the law or for which the participant has expressly consented. This personal data will not be passed on to third parties but only passed on within the organizer and to service providers authorized by the organizers.

The organizers are also entitled to transmit the data of the participants – insofar as this is necessary – to cooperation partners and co-organizers in order to enable participation in the event. In particular, personal data is not sold, rented or traded. In cases where it is necessary to transfer personal data to an external service provider in connection with Adria SUP Challenge, personal data will only be transferred to the extent necessary for the performance of its tasks under Adria SUP Challenge’s Competition Regulation. In such cases, the organizers will arrange and ensure the participant acknowledges that the organizers do not have full control over compliance with these obligations by third parties and that the organizers – to the extent permitted by law – accept no responsibility for possible violations by external service providers. The personal data will only be used and transmitted for purposes related to the Organizer. They are only retained by the organizers, their respective group companies and any service providers for as long as is necessary for the original purpose of their collection, which is directly related to Adria SUP Challenge.

This can go beyond the period of the event, such as for the purpose of performing the services offered, to invite you to any future events or events, as well as for tax-related or other legal inquiries. The organizers have taken a variety of security measures to protect personal data to a reasonable extent and adequately. The participant has the right at any time to request the correction, updating and/or partial or complete deletion of their personal data by sending an email to

In the event of a corresponding request, the organizers will immediately ensure that the data is deleted. The participant also has the right at any time to obtain information about the personal data stored by the organizers.

The contact details of the organizers for data protection and confidentiality issues are as follows:

Društvo Naredi Nekaj za Naravo
Oljčna pot 63A
6000 Koper-Capodistria