Adria Sup Challenge SUP Alps Trophy

18. & 19. May 2024


Koper – Capodistria / Slovenia

Welcome to the SUP Alps Trophy race on the sunny side of Alps


ASC is hosted in Slovenia’s coastal town Koper and brings a new charm to the legendary SUP Alps Trophy as the competitors will have the unique chance to show their skills on always unpredictable sea conditions with the beautiful Alps scenery in the back. The town of Koper is also the perfect meeting point for all European competitors, with its easy access and a warm welcome from the Adriatic sea.


The race “course” is placed in the natural amphitheatre of the Bay of Koper, which allows spectators to enjoy the entire race and cheer for their favourites.


As all SUP Alps Trophy tour stops are known to be more than “just a SUP race”, check the page visit Koper to find out more about local specialties and restaurant locations.

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